As many of you know, we are a part of NARI, the National Association for the Remodeling Industry. This association has afforded us so many incredible friendships and partnerships through the years and is one of the places we refer our customers to find trusted professionals for work outside of our purview. Last year, in partnership with our friends at Decks and More, we were honored to win local, regional, and national awards for our part in an outdoor project in Smyrna, Georgia. 

Partnerships like this add value to the work we do, not least because the stronger the friendships, the better the business. It also gives us an edge in serving you. We are often called on to quote projects that include things beyond our scope of work. When that happens, we are happy to provide the names of people we trust to do the work we don’t do. When you call on Southeastern, you’re not just calling us, you’re calling on all the friends we have who can help you out in whatever ways you need.

We have won awards we are proud of. We have done jobs that impress even us. But the most important thing we have is our relationships. When those relationships help us serve you, it makes everything else that much better. 

If you’ve got outdoor projects on the list, we invite you to add an underdeck to it. And when you call us, if there is anything else you need, we’ll be happy to get you pointed in the right direction.