Some projects are just plain cool, and a simple job is elevated by the sum of its parts. Overlooking a steep ravine into dense Georgia woods, this project started when the family wanted to have a sundeck and a 4-seasons screenroom. In a remarkable use of space, the design team at Decks and More utilized the existing deck to create both in one fell swoop.

By adding a second level on top of the existing deck and then installing an underdeck beneath it, they were able to create both an open sun deck with a view high enough to see above the trees while also creating a dry, and quite elegant four-seasons room as a retreat when the heat is too oppressive or when the rain spoils the party.

Our underdeck was the knot in the thread that helped bring this project to life. We love it when we can be a part of such awesome transformations. If you’ve got a project that you’re going to need to keep dry, give our office a call and set up an appointment. Our team is waiting to hear from you!!