As we have mentioned before, we are proud members of several different industry groups, most notably NADRA and NARI. These groups have benefitted us in many ways, not least because of the friendships that we have forged and the way that those friendships allow us to serve our customers even better. They also provide lots of education that helps us do our job better and allows us to pass along that wisdom to people who are considering not just underdeck projects, but also help us give insight into other areas that people might be considering for remodeling in their homes.

However we would be remiss if we failed to mention some of the benefits we gain from these groups from a business standpoint, and so we love to share how these organizations help us and can help our friends in the industry who may not be part of communities like this.

In particular, NARI provides a program in partnership with Home Depot that provides 2% cash back rebates twice a year. You can learn more about it here.

If you’re a company who does high volume, there is simply no good reason not to be a part of NARI and reap the benefits of this program. You’re already spending the money, so why not get a little back? This program has helped us jumpstart several new areas in our business, allowing us to stay on the cutting edge of our niche industry and by extension, provide even more exciting products for our customers.

So. Builders and remodelers. If you’re not in an industry organization, take a look at NARI. It will open up your customer base through friendships with others in the field, and twice a year, you get some money back in your pocket to continue serving your customers well.