“How can you run lighting and other electrical accessories safely in a system like this?”

This is a common question when people first hear about our system. It is an important consideration, as people want the flexibility of using their underdeck spaces at all hours of the day and night, and having wiring running through a location designed to carry water raises a lot of concerns.

Not to worry. In 2015, SEUD moved to IP-68 rated, low-voltage LED lighting for our underdecks. Let’s break that down together.


The IP code is a standard measure for ingress protection (IP) in electrical enclosures. The first digit rates the protection from dust on a scale of 0-6, while the second rates the protection from water on a scale of 0-9. So, an IP-68 means that the fixture is totally dust-tight, and rated for water submersion for extended periods of time in up to 8 feet of water. In an underdeck, even the heaviest rains will obviously not even approach this level of ingress.

Low-voltage lighting itself provides a host of benefits. It is more energy-efficient and therefore cuts costs on use and is also better for the environment, both of which are increasingly more important to our customers. They are longer lasting, warranted for up to 50,000 hours of use. And since they run at much lower voltage consumption, they are safe and easier to install, even in wet locations.

These lights also emit a fraction of the heat of their incandescent and halogen counterparts, and so are cooler to the touch when running, A side-benefit of this is that they also attract fewer bugs, as bugs are attracted to heat more than light.

This LED lighting system provides two methods of operation. The most common is the use of a remote-dimmer to turn the lights on and off. We also provide the option of installing an in-wall dimmer switch, should you prefer that. When using a remote, no electrical prep is required, as the low voltage transformer can simply be plugged directly into any existing exterior outlet. If a switch is preferred, we are happy to provide direction on how to prep the electrical beforehand.

These lights emit a warm glow of light, and at 400 lumens, are powerful enough to light very large areas with minimal fixtures. The dimming capability means that you can dial in whatever ambience you prefer, whether it be for lighting up the deck as a snack stand for pool-party on a hot Southern night, or dimming it down for a quiet night listening to music during the rain in the Fall.

Our lighting system is simple, safe, and efficient. If you are looking at options for your upcoming project, or would like to add some light to your existing SEUD system, these are worthy of your consideration. 

Reach out to us at 678-765-7686 to get more information. Until then, have an awesome day. We’ll see you outside!!