Hello and happy New Year to all our industry partners and customers. The team here at SEUD all hope that 2020 is treating you all well so far, and the coming year looks promising.

In an effort to build even more meaningful connections with our friends and customers, we are starting a blog. Here, we will provide updates to our product line, offer up considerations when planning and under deck project, showcases of some of our more interesting projects, and other information about the state of the decking industry.

Over the past ten years, SEUD has continually sought ways to improve our services so that we can provide the best outdoor living experiences for people, regardless of scope or budget. Your backyard should feel every bit as part of your home as the interior of your house, and so often, the crucial area under the deck, which bridges the outside to the inside, goes overlooked. Our goal is and has always been to make that area a place that is as inviting as your living room and as versatile as your back yard.

To that end, we have spent hours upon hours researching the best materials, the safest accessories, and the most cutting edge technology to add to our lineup. We have listened to scores of customers’ insights into their projects, heard their stories, and enjoyed watching them dream up some of the most incredible outdoor spaces we have seen.

Over time, we have come up with the widest selection of options, accessories, and install configurations that we can imagine, and we are still on the hunt for more. In addition to our removable panel system that allows for easier maintenance and future customization, we have built our line to include 25 colors, eight panel textures, and two options for trim. We have always offered mounts for accessories like fans, swings, and even projector screen, and five years go we made code-compliant, wet-rated lighting a standard for our installs. In 2018, we launched a division to provide our product to builders beyond our service area, and in 2019, we began in-house production of our own line of speakers and Bluetooth receivers. Currently, our R&D department is finalizing development of a mobile app, where you can control all of your under deck accessories at the touch of your screen. 

2020 holds some exciting things for us, and we are thrilled to offer them to you. Keep an eye on this page for further updates. Until then, have a great week. We’ll see you outside!!