Today we’re taking a look at this system under a roofed deck beside a pool. A few things about this system are worth mentioning. The house is blue siding over red brick with white trim. Even though we offer a wide range of colors that could match different elements of the exterior, the customers here chose to go with a basic white to tie in with the trim and keep a classic look. You may also notice that the deck is largely covered overhead by a roof. Even though it won’t get the same volume of water as a wide open deck, our system will still protect it from blowing rain from the top, and from water on the occasions when the deck is washed off from the top. Most importantly, it finishes the space underneath and gives it a completed look. Finer points are recessed lighting and fan mounts, cooling it down in the heat and adding some ambience when the sun goes down. It’s the perfect poolside paradise!!