Southeastern Underdeck has been a proud NARI Member for years. Not many organizations provide such a supportive and encouraging community for people in the remodeling business to take part in, and we are grateful for the opportunities we have had as a part of such an amazing network.

There are other benefits, though. Take the NARI Rewards program with Home Depot. Members of NARI who take part in this program get cash back for their purchases if they spend at least $12,500 during a six month period. This time, Southeastern Underdeck received nearly $2300 in rebates, right back to us.

What can your company do with $2300? We at SEUD are continually pushing the envelope with our product and our service. That extra influx of cash every quarter helps us to keep pushing that envelope further and further to the cutting edge of our industry.

If you’re a member of NARI and you haven’t taken advantage of this program, then we encourage you to do so. We all know how much every little bit of cash helps us out. If you’re not a NARI member, then take a look at what NARI can do for your business; a great community, friendships that lead to new opportunities, and of course, a little extra cash to help your business thrive.

Y’all take care, work hard, and be good to each other!!


If you’re looking for home remodeling beyond your underdeck or if you work in the industry, we think you’ll find great value for both by visiting the Atlanta Chapter of NARI. Click here to give them a visit.