We are excited to announce the launch of the Haven Control Module!! From the touch of your screen, you can now control all of your underdeck accessories, learn about installation and maintenance of your underdeck system, and explore color and texture options using photos of your actual space. 

At Southeastern Underdeck, we understand that the area outside the walls of your house is still your home, and should have all the functionality you enjoy indoors. Months of research and development, trial and error, and experimenting have finally come together in this cutting edge innovation in outdoor home living.

If you already have an underdeck from Southeastern, you can still enjoy this brand new feature!! Call us today if you’d like to retrofit our newest addition in our lineup to your well-loved space. If you’re just now exploring underdeck options, this tool will help get your imagination moving.

The Haven Control Module is available on iOS and Android. Download today to see what we’ve been up to!!

Y’all have a great week!!