Did you know that Southeastern Underdeck also installs fixed and retractable screen systems? Screens add an extra layer of protection from bugs during the warmer months and further enhance the look and feel of your outdoor living space.

Our fixed screens are frames out of strong, extruded aluminum and are made of fiber mesh, which has greater flexibility and durability than wire screens. Retractable screens offer even greater versatility in allowing you to open up a space that would otherwise be confined to a smaller area.

As the weather gets warmer and even as we all continue to move through different levels of quarantine and social isolation, a screen system with an underdeck will add another layer of enjoyment to your home.

If you have an underdeck already and would like to add screens to the project, give us a call or email us for pricing. If you are looking at an underdeck project, then you might consider screens as part of the scope and get it all finished out in one fell swoop. Our staff and your sales reps are happy to tell you more!!