This month, we have been looking at a project that is full of unique features that showcase how amazing an underdeck can look and why Southeastern is the company to get you there. Today we’re looking at another detail on this project: the downspouts. Downspouts carry the water from the gutter to the ground, but sometimes the layout of the space or the design of the deck make downspouts impractical or simply an eyesore. Here we have both.
Where a lot of water converges onto one place, or where the water load from several different gutter systems converge, there is always a risk that it will overload a downspout and cause water to back up and pour out of places it shouldn’t. To solve this problem, we insall literheads, which allow the water flow to momentarily open up, dispersing the water and recollecting it at the same time. This keeps overload from occurring. While not standard on most underdecks, our crews are equipped with the knowledge necessary to install them properly when called for.
Downspouts can also detract from an otherwise beautiful design. Many of our customers will order rain chains in place of downspouts. These decorative water diverters are exactly as the name suggests: chains which carry water from the outlet of the gutter the ground. In places where multiple downspouts are necessary or where a downspout would take away from the design, rain chains are a great design alternative. While Southeastern Underdeck does not stock rain chains, your sales rep will be happy to point you towards several reliable makers of rain chains, should your project require it.
Your underdeck comes with all the downspouts needed to complete a standard job, but these are great alternatives when the job is out of the ordinary!!