We lead the industry in the level of customization of our system, right down to the variety of accessories we have on hand. One of the most unique offerings is our low-voltage, IP-68 rated, LED lighting. This lighting is bright, clear, and powerful, but its benefits for further than how it can light your space. 

Since it is low-voltage, it consumes less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, and emits less heat. This means that it cuts down on energy costs, saving you money over time. It is also safer to handle, as it runs on a simple transformer that plugs into your existing outlet. It remains cool to the touch, even after hours of operation, and so it attracts fewer bugs and has minimal impact on your space other than the beautiful light it gives.

Most important is the IP-68 rating. This is am ingress protection rating for electrical fixtures in water and debris. Our lights are completely dust-proof and designed to hold up when fully and continuously submerged in water, far beyond what would be experienced in an underdeck system. 

Our lighting is easy to install and casts a cheerful vibe on your space, and even come with the option of remote dimming capabilities. If you are considering a new underdeck project and want to get the most out of the space, lighting is a sure-fire way to do. If you already have an underdeck from Southeastern and want to add lighting to it, it’s not too late!!

Get in touch to find out more, and see what a lighting package in your underdeck can do to the vibe of your home.