Before and After: An Island Themed Underdeck Haven.

We love a good theme, but there’s no need to have a deck that leaks like the roof on an island hut!! This home already had the vibe in place, with string lights around a poolside bar that Jimmy Buffett himself would be proud to waste away in. All that was needed was a proper ceiling to protect the decor and make the poolside space a welcoming retreat, rain or shine.

An underdeck project does not need to break the bank. Sometimes all you need is to keep your existing area dry so you can get to using it whenever you please. That’s why we’re here. If you’ve got a space that’s entirely your style, but is just missing the last little piece of the puzzle, then an underdeck might be what you’re missing. Give us a call to set up an appointment and see what SEUD can do for you!!