Underdeck systems are designed with various materials, means of installation, and ease of maintenance. Most systems attach directly to the underside of your deck and require internal framing that both hinders the flow of water and debris and also affects the flow of water throughout.

Our system stands above the rest in this regard. We start with roll-formed aluminum panels; we use aluminum because it does not rust like steel and will not get brittle over time like vinyl. Each panel is designed to cover the one beside it, keeping water and debris from slipping between, ensuring a watertight system from end to end.

Most importantly, our system does not attach directly to the underside of your deck. This allows us to pitch the system independently of your deck to ensure water flows out and a way from your home, with no internal bracing that impedes or blocks debris. This also means that our system can be disassembled from any point in order to clean and maintain the system and increase it’s longevity. 

Every system like this will require maintenance; Southeastern Underdeck makes it easy and safe for you. You can see more about the installation of our system and how it works by watching our videos here.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to long-lasting, easily maintained systems. Give us a call to find out more and get on our schedule today!!