Earlier, we showed you a project we recently completed that transformed a small, 150 square foot space into a cozy lounging space fit for 6 people to relax have a cigar, and enjoy time outside just outside their door. Today, we want to show you the versatility that our system provides in a much larger space. 

Here we have an install on a large deck that already has two unique living areas on the top level: one covered and screened in, one open to the sunshine and blue sky. The customers wanted to finish the area below with an outdoor area that is protected from the elements and still has two distinct spaces. One is set to become a lounging area, the other into an outdoor dining room.

Our underdeck system brings these plans into reach, protecting the areas which are exposed to the elements above, while enhancing the visual appeal of the entire space. We want every inch of your house to feel like home, outside just as much as inside. With an underdeck ceiling, you can bring that feeling of home everywhere you spend your time.